My Story

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Well, hello there! I'm Kerry. Baking has long been my hobby and my passion. I love to bake, and I love sharing my treats with other people - it is an honor to make food that people enjoy. I can't wait to bake for you!

I am a registered cottage baker located in Saint Louis Park, MN. All products are homemade in my kitchen and are not subject to state inspection. You can search for registered cottage food producers on this website:

I make traditional Jewish breads and pastries, like challah, bagels, and babka. I also make a wide variety of scones, muffins, biscuits, breads, and special holiday treats. Many of the items I make can be made vegan, but please note, I do not have a vegan kitchen. Similarly, all of my ingredients are heckschered, but I do not have a strictly kosher kitchen.

I am very careful and meticulous in sanitizing and cleaning surfaces and equipment, handwashing, and packaging foods. You can read the full list of requirements for registered cottage food producers, including food safety training, on this website:

Finally, the name: bubbaleh is a Yiddish term of endearment, traditionally used by a mother or grandmother for children. The English translation would be 'little grandmother.' In modern usage, it can be used for anyone that one feels close to or special about. "Eat, bubbaleh!" is a phrase that might be familiar to those with Jewish family members who feel it is their obligation to push food on their loved ones. I use it to show the special affection I feel when baking for others, in a nod to my foremothers' desire to ensure their families were well fed.

Contact me by email at for special or custom orders.