Beginning April 8, I'll be taking some time away from baking. I'll catch up with you later this summer!

**See the Logistics page for how to order, pay, and receive your order.**

Orders are due by 7 p.m. on Wednesday for pick-up or delivery on Friday 2:30-5:30 or Saturday 8:30-11:30.

Challah with your choice of toppings (bare, sesame seed, poppy seed, or garlic rosemary) (Pareve/Non-dairy) - $8

A yeast-leavened bread that is braided before baking and is traditionally eaten on the Jewish Sabbath and holidays.

Chocolate Chip Challah (Dairy) - $9

A sweet twist on traditional challah, this loaf is stuffed with as much many chocolate chips as it can hold!

Save the leftovers to make some pretty awesome French toast!

Chocolate Babka (Dairy) - $10

An Eastern European culinary wonder, babka is layers of sweet bread and chocolate. Be warned: once you've had it, you'll never forget its delicious flavor and texture!

Cinnamon rolls (Dairy) - Four rolls for $12

Soft and gooey. Enough said! Oh wait, no, there's more - comes with a cup of cinnamon buttercream frosting. If you'd like more than one cup, you can add another for $1 per cup.

Cornbread (Dairy) - $10

Side dish or dessert? Some questions don't need to be answered.

Biscuits (Dairy) - 4 for $6

Soft and buttery, these buttermilk biscuits are truly irresistible! If you've been waiting to order, jump in on these because they are among the very best recipes I make!

Browned Butter Caramel Sauce (Dairy) - 6 ounce jar for $8

True confession time: I have eaten this by itself. It is truly unbelievably delicious!

Cheddar Biscuits (Dairy) - 4 for $8

I mean, if you're already going for it, why not add cheese?!